YEAR 7 - 9   |  AL SAFA 1


Thank you to all our partners that made this day possible. They deserve a grand aplause! 

Our vision is to create a school that unlocks the potential of every child

Rated 'Very Good' by DSIB in 2019/20

Rated 'Outstanding' in all areas of protection, care, guidance & support (KHDA 2020)

Our current child to classroom ratio is 8:1 (lots of space to learn)!

ASDAN programme used to extend the learning of our More Able Gifted & Talented children



8:1 Ratio




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Brand new campus (we call it home!) in the heart of Jumeirah, where there have been no new schools for over a decade

Purpose-built theatre with over 500 seats & state-of-the-art two floor library

Partnership with Dubai Performing Arts; dance and theatre are incorporated into the curriculum

From the moment I walked into Safa it was like a home away from home. From smiling faces of children and staff to the welcoming decor, the ambiance immediately made me feel at ease. The active learning strategies employed along with the element of fun injected into each lesson make a unique cocktail of delight and subsequently lead to a memorable learning experience, retained and employed far beyond the boundaries of Safa British School. I look forward to being part of the school as it continues to map out its journey from its new Jumeirah home and create its own unique tapestry of learning experiences, enabling all within the community to reach their potential.

Emma Ives,  one of our many HAPPY parents

Irene Pereira, HOD French
I love working at Safa British School because we have the most beautiful, interesting, interested, and talented children from all over the world. They are truly here to learn, grow, and experience life in the United Arab Emirates.  Every adult and child is enriched by just being part of our school. Every child and every teacher has the special privilege of meeting, talking to, learning with, and playing with children and families from places in the world most only see in an atlas or hear on the news. Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together and we feel this each morning we cross the gate to start our day.
James Douglas, Teacher of Maths
Safa British School offers a real ‘community feel’ that encompasses it’s students, staff and wider community. All member of the community are friendly and welcoming and want each other to be the best person they can be. From the moment you enter the premises, you are exposed to a learning environment that not only encourages academic excellence and development, but also personal growth and mindfulness. Students are provided with many different opportunities to challenge their way of thinking and to explore new ideas.
Jessica Vowles, Year 7 &8 –  History
I joined SAFA in September 2020, after teaching at a local Dubai school for  6 years I was reluctant to leave my "family" and start again. However, from my first day of being at SAFA I have felt like I was at home. The SAFA community depicts everything an expat family portrays - warmth, love, support and guidance. The students have an extensive love for learning - they are continuously striving to achieve their best, and they thoroughly enjoy the journey along the way. The parent body are warm and supportive; as a teacher I feel that I have their full trust and support in ensuring that their children progress and grow; both in and outside of the classroom.  SAFA is not just a school; it is a holistic environment that promotes and encourages the well-being of everyone that joins their community.
Warm, family-orientated school with a focus on student and staff wellbeing.
To create a school that unlocks the potential of every child. 
96% of parents said their children are happy at SBS (KHDA Survey)



The scholarship awards cover a wide range of areas, including:

Academic Excellence

Creative Excellence 


Arabic Language

Global Citizenship

Let The New Adventures Begin..

"Today, in our view, Safa British School qualifies as the most architecturally and thematically beautiful school in the UAE."Schools Compared, 2020


Yusuf Sidat, Year 7 & 8 – Science
I joined Safa at an exciting point in its journey. Being part of the team that was involved in the start-up of the first Secondary cohort, I have felt welcomed and part of a special community. The school vision and ethos is evident throughout the school and underpins the approach to teaching and learning from all members of the school community.  The staff in the secondary team at Safa ensure that the environment created is pleasant, safe and welcoming, for colleagues, students and parents, alike. Students are given the opportunity to flourish and explore their interests and abilities through an expanding curriculum, with tailored links to the U.A.E.  Everyday, the sun rises on Safa, with exciting opportunities and set with progress in terms of academic and social developments.
Brian Horwell, Head of Secondary
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